Foam Rollers For Runners 2

Foam rollers for runners

If you are a runner looking for a durable foam roller to handle daily use (and what runner isn’t?), then we recommend the GRID foam roller from Trigger Point Performance Therapy. They sell two versions of the GRID foam roller that we have found the hold up the best.

GRID Foam Roller

We’ve been big fans of the GRID foam roller since it first came out because of its heavy duty construction (its essentially a PVC pipe) with a gridded rubber surface attached. The different contours of the GRID system allow you to find the best size gridded ridges to massage those tender muscle in between run workouts. We also like the fact that the GRID foam roller is hollow, which means we can stuff dirty workout clothes inside and with its smaller length (13″), it doesn’t take up a lot of room in the workout bag or in the car.


SMRT-CORE DVDs from Trigger Point Therapy

You can purchase the GRID foam roller by itself or also get 3 of the SMRT-CORE DVDs with your foam roller purchase that will demonstrate the different ways to use the GRID foam roller to help you bounce back from injury and also stay injury free in the future


GRID Camo Foam Roller – Wounded Warrior Project

Trigger Point Therapy also has a camouflage version the original GRID foam roller and the company donates $5 of each purchase to the Wounded Warrior Project to help get wounded US service men and women and their families once they come home.


GRID 2.0 Foam Roller

IF you are a foam roller “traditionalist” and want a longer version of the GRID roller, the company has also released a 26 inch length version called the GRID 2.0 foam roller. Same high quality, just twice as long as the original GRID roller, so twice your pleasure (or it you have an IT Band like mine, then twice the pain).


Trigger Point Performance Therapy also other great sports massage products such as their Hip and Lower Back kit that include helpful instructional DVDs that will demonstrate the best stretches and methods to use the Trigger Point Therapy products effectively


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